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How can I earn points?

Well, first you come in and dine or enjoy a coffee, drink and snack at Joe's Garage, then when you are settling your bill you can:

  • Scan your App’s “Earn” QR code at the register - be sure to let your host know you wish to earn points. OR

  • Scan your barcode receipt with your App within 3 days of dining.

Will I earn points from items that are paid for with App rewards or App Joe's Garage dollars?

No - you will only earn points from items you pay cash for. When a reward is used on a transaction, you will earn points on the remainder that is paid in cash.

For example, if you have a bill of $100 with a $5 voucher applied, bringing the payable total to $95, you will earn 95 points.

If I split a payment for a transaction, will I still earn points off the parts I don’t pay for?

No, you only earn points for what you directly pay for.

Can I earn points for gift card spend?

Yes, you sure can however not with Joe's Garage Directors or Community vouchers. You won’t receive points when you purchase a gift card, the points are earned when the gift card is spent in-store.

What happens when I hit 100 points?

Your point balance will be reset to zero, and you will be gifted $5 Joe's Garage Dollars.

Can I scan the same barcode twice to earn double points?

Sorry, no - once a barcode has been used to earn points, it is now null and void. The App will reject the barcode if scanned twice.

How do I use/redeem a reward?

When you are paying for your meal, be sure to tell your host you want to use a reward, then:

  • Find the reward you wish to use on your App

  • Press the Redeem button, which will generate a unique code on your App

  • Present this code to your host who will either scan the QR code or input your redemption number.

  • If your transaction meets the reward terms and conditions, the total amount for the reward will be deducted from your final bill.

Can I gift people my Joe's Garage Dollars?

Not exactly. If you want to dine with them and pay for their meal or coffee, go ahead! But you can’t transfer dollars from one account to another.

How do I refer a friend to Regular Joe and receive 20 bonus points?

  • Open the side menu in your app (top left-hand corner)
  • Click 'Invite Friends' to bring up your unique referral code
  • Share your code directly from the app or copy the code by tapping it
  • You'll earn 20 points when your friend enters your invite code upon signing up and makes their first purchase.

How do I update my email address?

To update your email address, click ‘Need Help?’ within the Regular Joe app to send us an email with your correct or amended email address.

PLEASE NOTE: If you signed up using Facebook, we are unable to edit email addresses as this is linked from your Facebook account email address.

How do I update my date of birth?

To update your date of birth, click ‘Need Help?’ within the Regular Joe app and email us your correct date of birth with proof of identification (e.g. NZ Drivers Licence or Passport).

How do I enter my kid's details?

Open the menu in the Regular Joe App on the left-hand side or in your online account.

Select ‘Edit Profile’

Add their details under ‘Children’s Details’ and click ‘Update’. If you have more than one child to add, click ‘Add More+’.

How do I enter a promo code?

Open the menu in your Regular Joe App on the left-hand side.

Select Promo code and type in your code (not case sensitive).

Once entered, the voucher will appear in ‘Redeem’ on the Rewards screen.

Please note, promo codes are only valid when using the Regular Joe App (not an online account).

Where do I find my free coffee for signing up?

Once you have signed up to your Regular Joe App account, your free coffee reward can be found in ‘Redeem’ on the Rewards screen.

Please note there is one free coffee sign up reward per device. If you or someone else has already signed up to Regular Joe on the device, you will not receive another free coffee reward.

Please note there is no free coffee sign-up reward for online registrations, it is only awarded when signing up through the Regular Joe smartphone App. Online or website sign ups are not eligible for the free coffee.

Do I have to print my voucher?

No. If you have Regular Joe on your smartphone, you simply need to provide your rewards redemption code, or check in using your Earn code - ask your cashier for assistance if you are unsure.

If you use the Regular Joe web version, you simply need to provide your email address (or phone number if you have entered this into your profile) at the restaurant and our friendly cashiers will be able to check you in and redeem any rewards or earn points for you.

Do my vouchers/points expire?

Yes. Vouchers vary in regards to their expiry. You can find your reward and its expiry date under ‘Redeem’ in the Rewards screen.

Points have an expiry of 12 months from the date earnt.

Joe's Garage Dollars have an expiry of 12 months from issue.

Can I use more than one voucher at a time?

Unfortunately not. All Regular Joe vouchers come with the terms and conditions: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, voucher or discount.

We suggest you choose the voucher that is of the greatest value and save the other for next time.

Can I use my Joe's Garage Dollars with a voucher?

Unfortunately not. All Joe's Garage rewards come with the terms and conditions: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, voucher or discount.

I clicked redeem voucher but I’m not ready to use it. How do I get it back?

When you redeem a voucher, this produces a unique code for one hour. During this hour you can locate the voucher in your account history. Press the history record for the reward that is still active and this will re-open the redemption code.

After this hour has lapsed, and if the reward has not been redeemed in that time, the reward will simply return to your reward wallet under the ‘Redeem’ button.

I spent $175 but only got 75 points - where’s the rest?

When you accumulate 100 points these are automatically converted to $5 Joe's Garage Dollars. The remaining points then begin accumulating again towards 100.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Sign up at;and be sure to put your correct email address, phone number and date of birth in your profile. Simply provide your email address or phone number when completing a transaction and our cashier will be able to earn points or redeem rewards for you at the time.

Why am I getting notifications from a Joe's Garage store that isn't my ‘favourite’ location?

Sometimes you may get notifications if you have visited another Joe's Garage, have this store set as your favorite Joe's Garage or you are nearby.

Why isn’t there a barcode on my receipt?

The staff member may have given you the Table Summary rather than a transaction invoice. Click ‘Need Help?’ within the Regular Joe app and send an image of your receipt to Regular Joe support who will determine eligibility and can process these receipts for you.

If you are paying using an account in store, or using physical vouchers to pay your bill, there will be no barcode as these transactions are ineligible to earn points.

Why won’t my barcode scan?

There are a few of reasons a barcode may not scan or no longer be valid:

Barcodes are only valid for 72 hours from the point the transaction took place. If you are trying to earn points from an expired barcode, click ‘Need Help?’ within Regular Joe and send an image of your receipt to our support team. They will determine eligibility and can process these receipts for you.

There may be an internet connection error, try again soon. If the barcode expires after 72 hours and you have still not received your points, click ‘Need Help?’ within the Regular Joe app and send the support team an image of your receipt. They will determine eligibility and can process the receipt for you.

There is a limit of six receipts that can be scanned within three hours. This limit is generated from the time the transaction took place and is not based on the time you are scanning the receipt. If you believe you are eligible to earn points from extra receipts in this time, click ‘Need Help?’ within Regular Joe and send the support team an image of the receipt. They will determine eligibility and can process these receipts for you.

Can I earn or redeem points via Uber Eats, Deliver Easy or Online Orders?

No, unfortunately at this stage, loyalty points are not able to be earned or redeemed on Uber Eats, Deliver Easy, online ordering or other third party providers.